Challenge for Childrens Challenge for Childrens

Event Specific FAQ's

  • Where is the event?

    The big game is played at MN Pro Paintball at 22554 Texas Ave, Lakeville, MN

  • What if the weather is bad on the day of the event?

    We play rain or shine (rain is actually very fun!) and we put the off-field activities under some pretty big tents.  Lighting/tornado warnings may cause a game delay but otherwise it’s game on!

  • What is the general schedule for the day?

    2017 schedule coming soon

  • Where do I park?

    Parking is available on-site at MN Pro Paintball.

  • What time do I need to arrive?

    The pre-game safety briefing starts at 9:00AM. Gates open at 7am and players should plan on arriving an hour before the briefing

    If you aren’t playing, or volunteering, and want to come participate in the off-field activities feel free to come and go any time during the day.

  • Do I need tickets?

    There are no physical tickets being given out to the event. Players should pre-register online or can register at the gate on the day of the event. The event is free for volunteers and spectators. Sponsors who have questions about playing should contact

  • What ages can play in the big game?

    Players need to be 12+ but everybody is welcome to join us in the off-field areas where spectators and off-field activities are.

  • What if I have never played paintball before?

    No problem! Our game is friendly to seasoned paintballers and non-paintballers alike. Come on out – we’re pretty sure you’ll have a blast!

  • What do I need to wear if I want to play?

    Pants and long sleeves are required (NO Shorts Allowed) preferably dark in color. Old camouflage gear works great. Wear a comfortable pair of pants, boots, cleats, or sneakers. DO NOT wear any good jewelry of any type as it could get lost or damaged. We always suggest you bring more clothing then you can wear, this way you can always take clothing off if you get hot or decide that you don’t need it. Remember, paintballs do wash out, but it is suggested that you wear something that you don’t mind getting a little dirty, as you will be running around in the woods.

  • Do I need my own paintball gear to play?

    You do not need your own paintball gear to join us on the battlefield at Challenge for Children’s. You can rent all the equipment you need the day of the event.

  • Can I bring my own paint?

    Sorry folks, we don’t allow people to bring their own paint. Paint will be for sale the day of the event.

  • Which team will I be on? What if I want to be on the same team as my friends?

    Teams are determined the day of the event. Once you have checked in, there will be people there to assign you to a team. If you want to be on a specific team, just let these people know and they will assign you to that team.

  • What if I don’t want to play, are there other things to do at the event?

    Yes! We have a variety of activities off the battlefield that include a silent auction, raffle, competitive games, food, beer garden, and more. You can even give blood and participate in a simulation scenario in the mobile SIM bus that will be at the event!

  • Will there be compressed air and CO2 at the event? Can I rent a compressed air tank at the event?

    We DO fill compressed air at the field on the day of the event. We do not rent compressed air tanks at the Challenge For Children’s big game. Note: The MN Pro Paintball retail store in Burnsville fills both compressed air and CO2.

  • Is there food?

    Of course! You can’t have a big game without some grub! We will have food and beverages available for purchase throughout the day. In the past this has included items such as: hot dogs, burgers, chips, potato salad, water, soda, beer, etc.

  • Can we donate even if we can’t make it to the event?

    Please visit the “Our Sponsors” page and follow the links to sponsor or make a donation.

  • What is the Simulation Center that C4C is donating money for?

    To use Children’s words: “The new on-site SIM center will recreate the visual, auditory, and tactile cues found in actual clinical encounters.”  Basically, the SIM center will be a room that looks, sounds, and feels exactly like the real hospital setting that doctors perform in.

    Medical personnel will practice life-like medical scenarios in it using special SIM mannequins. The idea being that this training better prepares them for these scenarios in real life and therefore leads to better outcomes for their patients.

    As we found out, 92% of Children’s patients are impacted by Simulation training. By contributing to the building of the SIM Center we are able to contribute to better outcomes for patients across the board at Children’s.

  • Who do I contact for further questions?

    For questions about volunteering or donating items please email


    For all other inquiries, please email

  • I submitted my registration but I get PayPal errors. What should I do?

    Please fill out this form and we’ll help you out.