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The Scenario

In the year 2050
Paxson The Terrible and her gang of Reapers continue to celebrate their victory over the New World Order after a grueling battle. What had started out as a fight between three enemies, the Reapers, the Order, and the Outlanders, became a battle of two sides when a secret alliance formed between the Order and the Outlanders. Close to being defeated, the Generals of this alliance, Roberts and Slowiak, overcome their battle with each other to join forces to take on Paxson and her gang of misfits. Forming the New World Order, their renewed attempt to overrun Paxson failed…and now the Reapers celebrate.

2051… One year later
The New World Order has recovered from their loss and Roberts and Slowiak have worked tirelessly to re-train their soldiers and strengthen their numbers. Preparing to take on another battle with the Reapers, they searched the land far and wide for others who have been wronged by Paxson The Terrible and her gang. In their search, Roberts and Slowiak found a very special recruit, someone who was waiting for the right opportunity to join the fight. They call him Shredder.

Few know the reason for Shredder’s hostility toward Paxson but all know that he has been waiting patiently for a chance to challenge her and training for the day they meet in battle.

Now, with Shredder in their midst, Generals Roberts and Slowiak are ready for battle. Who can stop them? In their eyes… noone.

Meanwhile, despite the celebrating her camp has had, Paxson the Terrible has been cautious. She has eyes and ears everywhere and has caught wind of the New World Orders’ intentions. She knew the celebration wouldn’t last long….

Come July, what was formerly known as Minnesota will become a war zone…

yet again…

Battlefield Map

Details coming soon!


Phil Shredder

Bea Paxon

Colt Roberts

Nick Slowiak

Mike Paxson

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